Report Cards and More Made Easy

With Gradelink there’s no paper chase at report card time. Instead, teachers simply conclude their classes in Gradelink, a 2-click process for each class. Then, administrators can display the report cards right in their browser.

Gradelink will gather all grades for a student from all of their teachers and print it on the report card automatically. You can print up to an entire grade level at a time. Report cards can also be downloaded as PDF files for archiving or email. When the term is over, a quick process activates the next term.

Streamlining your report card production frees up your staff for other tasks. Although we know how much Gradelink simplifies the report card process, even we were surprised to hear of one school using Gradelink to print all 1,000 of their student report cards in 45 minutes!

Gradelink report card sample

Report Cards: Customized to be Beautiful

Gradelink offers several semi-customizable report card styles to meet your school’s needs. Choose from layouts like bifold, trifold or simple portrait oriented designs.

Chock full of advanced features like custom classes, custom grade scales, numbered and term comments, attendance, behavior, work habits, bilingual format and much more. We have a report card that fits your school. Even include your school’s logo or custom graphics.

You can download sample Gradelink report cards as printable PDFs (.zip, 2.1 MB)

Master Schedule Report

The Master Schedule report offers an at-a-glance view of your school’s entire schedule for all teachers. See which teachers have which students in which period. Be alerted to possible scheduling conflicts. This report is now accessible from the Administrator Reports tab.

Master Schedule Report Cards Screen Shot

Comprehensive Teacher Reports

With Gradelink, report cards are just the beginning. Browse through the list below and see some of the many reports we offer. Click the preview icon to view or download these teacher reports as printable PDF samples (.zip, 825 KB)

Report Preview
Student GradesProgress report for a single subject, displays assignment grades and averages by assignment type (weighted) category.Preview Report
Grades Ordered by StudentDisplays ranking of students in order of overall class grade.Preview Report
Student Attendance/Conduct Displays totals and percentages for attendance, plus conduct for class-based attendance. Preview Report
Attendance Totals Running totals for all attendance marks for all students within a term. Preview Report
Comment Deficiency Reports Allows teachers to input comment for Administrator's Deficiency Report. Preview Report
Incomplete Assignments Generates report of incomplete, ungraded, excused and/or absent marked assignments for a student across all subjects. Preview Report
Annual CUMCalculates and displays cumulative grades for completed terms within a year. Preview Report
Class Grades Progress report for a single subject, displays assignment grades and averages by assignment type (weighted) category. (All students) Preview Report
Assignments Report Lists all assignments given in a class, including title, description, date assigned, date due, weight, curve and average class grade. Preview Report
Attendance/Conduct Cumulative Displays a term composite total and average of all attendance, plus conduct for class-based attendance. Preview Report
Attendance/Conduct by Date Displays a single day composite total and average of all attendance, plus conduct for class-based attendance. Preview Report
Attendance Sheet Detailed term length chart (up to 16 weeks) displays each day's attendance for all students in a class. Preview Report
Detailed Attendance For the time period selected, displays totals for all attendance marks, lists any non-present markings and comments by date. Also shows any perfect attendance. Preview Report
Progress Reports Snapshot of current grades, GPA, attendance, effort, comments and more for a student. Preview Report
Student Roster Report Generates complete listing of student data, including names, grade levels, parent information, contact information, birthdates, and more. Run for any or all grade levels. Optional export to Microsoft Excel. Preview Report
Staff Roster Report Generates complete listing of staff data, including email, phone, and more. Optional export to Microsoft Excel. Preview Report
Sports Eligibility Allows coach (student council leader, etc) to check for students who are no longer eligible for extra-curricular activity, due to insufficient GPA. Optional email alerts. Preview Report

Comprehensive Administrator Reports

In addition to the above reports, the following are also available to Principals/Administrators. Click the preview icon to view or download these reports as printable PDF samples (.zip, 65 KB)

Report Preview
Grades & AttendanceDisplays student's current grades and attendance for each class. Preview Report
GPA & ScoresDisplays student ranking by GPA or percentage score. Filter using multiple criteria including grade level, letter grade threshold, and class/subject. Ideal for determining honor roll, valedictorian, etc. Preview Report
Top AttendanceDisplays ranking of students for particular attendance markings (Present, Tardy, etc.) Preview Report
Deficiency ReportsReports on all students performing at a defined grade level (e.g. C-) or lower. Preview Report
Attendance Per ClassReports on all students with x number of attendance marks (e.g. 5 tardies) per class. Preview Report
Student ScheduleBasic student schedule. Lists title, period, teacher and location for classes (subjects) a student is enrolled in. Preview Report
Ineligible Players ReportReports on all students with a GPA that has dropped below school's defined minimum eligibility level for sports/extra-curricular activity (e.g. 2.0). Preview Report
Students with Low GradesReports on all students performing at a selectable grade level (e.g. C-) or lower, for a current or previous term. Preview Report
Attendance ListsReports on all student attendance for the day, once recorded. Display all non-present students, or just absences, etc. Preview Report
Class Attendance/ConductDisplays a term composite total and average of all attendance, plus conduct for class-based attendance. Preview Report
Classes by Average GradeRanks classes by average student grade. Preview Report
Classes by AttendanceRanks classes by average attendance markings, selectable (present, absent, etc.) Preview Report
Uncompleted AttendanceReports on any classes for which attendance has not yet been recorded for the day. Preview Report
Class InformationSummary of all attendance/conduct recorded in each class, selectable by teacher. Preview Report
School AveragesStatistical information including total number of students, number of classes, average class size, average student grade, and more. Preview Report
Enrollment/EthnicitySummary of enrollment by grade level, gender, ethnicity. Preview Report
School Attendance TotalsGrand total summary of all attendance markings, for a selectable time period. Preview Report
Address LabelsParent/Student address labels, formatted for Avery 5160/8160 label sheets. Preview Report
Student LabelsStudent labels, with optional grade level, formatted for Avery 5160/8160 label sheets. Preview Report
Student InformationIncludes family, address, contacts, medical and allergy information.Preview Report
Master Schedule ReportDisplays the schedule of all teachers in the school.Preview Report


Transcripts get updated automatically when teachers conclude classes. Formatted and ready for printing, transcripts can be easily updated by administrators as needed.

Additionally, you can display your school’s graduation requirements on the transcript and show the acquired and remaining units for each of the students.


Volunteer & Service Hour Reporting

Now parents can easily submit volunteer or community service hours info right in Gradelink and in the Student/Parent app. Administrators can track total hours submitted and remaining by student or by family. Administrators even have the option of approving submitted entries.

Volunteer & Service Hour Report