Hot off the Press

Gradelink Pages gives teachers personalized web pages that can serve as announcement boards, newsletters, class/course pages, and more. You can easily add and edit content any time, including text, pictures, and links for file downloads. Pages can be made viewable to parents when they log in to Gradelink, and (coming soon) they can be embedded on your school’s website.

School Pages Too

Once enabled the School News page will be the first page students and parent see when they log in. Here, Administrators can communicate important events with the entire school. Teachers can author their own pages viewable only by those students/parents whom they teach. Administrators can view and update all Teacher Pages at any time. You can compose your content in Gradelink or paste in content from another source like Word or an image editor. Gradelink Pages, E-mail Blasting and our integrated Calendar form a powerful communications platform.