SmartSend Pro Text and Voice Messaging

Text and Voice Messaging

It’s here at last! Send text messages right from Gradelink to your entire school family with SmartSend Pro. And record voice messages for mass phone broadcast to all families, even on landline phones. Handy features like scheduling and history logs add even more convenience.

Email Like a Pro

We’ve reengineered Gradelink Email for a faster, more streamlined user experience. When you add SmartSend Pro to our regular email feature, you’ll be able to schedule emails to be sent at a specific date and time. And view old emails through a convenient history browser.

Email Blast will continue to be included in your regular Gradelink service at no additional charge. For additional functionality, it will be compatible with the Group Creator Premium Service (see below).

SmartSend Email
SmartSend Group Builder

Group Builder

What would make all these tools even better? How about the option of filtering recipients by type, status, class, and more. Group Builder allows you to promptly build custom lists for any situation or group, such as newly enrolled families or the track team. This feature is included in Text and Voice Blasts, and will be compatible with Email Blast.